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Gadgets often help men conquer fear of kitchen

By Kalyan Karmakar     Publication: The Times of India (Times Life)   
Published date:
10th March 2019

My mornings start with a stroll to the kitchen to look around to see what’s there; and then making breakfast for myself. This was not always so. I used to go to a café every morning earlier. I missed having people around me, and going out helped. I wrote The Travelling Belly — fuelled by soft chicken sandwiches, masala omelettes or fried egg and buttered toast and steaming mugs of cappuccinos — at Candies, the friendly-neighbourhood café in Bandra, Mumbai.

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TTK Prestige Corner

For over six decades TTK Prestige has stood tall as the market leaders in kitchen appliances which were introduced to make life easy when cooking food. Since 1949, people have been thinking of latest and ground-breaking ways to store and cook food.

Kalyan Says


I first met chef Ranveer Brar when he was the executive chef at the Novotel Hotel, Mumbai, and by when he had already begun hosting popular TV food shows. He told me that he was keen to get a taste of the local food of Mumbai and we went out one evening to eat at Aaswad, the Maharashtrian restaurant in Dadar and then Snack Shack, the Parsi restaurant in Bandra.

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