Meal On The Go

This story is not about my own train travels but was narrated by my husband’s grandmother to her grandchildren and great-grandchildren .

My husband’s grandfather was a session judge in undivided Punjab during pre independence days. His work took him to various cities and Indian Railway’s first class was the only choice to travel. He travelled with his staff and a valet/cook.

Those were the times when people preferred to eat home cooked food. It was cooked to stay good and  packed nicely for the entire journey. But he, belonging to a privileged lot was served freshly cooked meals.

The cook carried something like a steam cooker and provisions with him. He would wash dal and rice, chop some vegetables and be ready with all the things in separate compartments of this steamer.

By the time the signal would go green, the meal was ready and our grandfather used to have it steming hot on the moving train.

My husband grabbed this cooker from his grandmother who was about to give it to a ‘kabadi’.

Today I took out this dabba, dusted it  and tried to make a picture to support this story.

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