Gulab Jamun

Hunger had never been an apt excuse for trying something extra ordinary! We had this factual divine experience while on our last summer vacation to Uttarakhand.

After stuffing in a wholesome south Indian brunch, we headed to leave Rishikesh for Corbett, a five to six hour run according to our guide cum driver. The terrain was difficult with pathetic highways running almost through the middle of the villages. Our driver insisted to take an hault at Nagina village, Bijnor district for Tularam's rasgullas, which he added were century old delicacy of the sweet shop. Although not very keen, we agreed as he insisted to try the local sweets.

The ambience of the Tularam Mistann Bhandaar as we reached there by 2 pm was very ordinary; a small, shabby, old eatery with wooden benches accommodating families as well as singles. We ordered two plates of rasgullas and samosas each. The waiter promptly asked safed rasgulla ya lal? We were clueless as the driver went off to meet someone, dropping us there. I suggested we go for one- one plate each and what followed was epic. The samosas and safed rasgullas were good but the lal ones ( gulab jamuns) were just out of this world. Two pieces for ten rupees, they were the most softest, melt in mouth balls of goodness with the just so perfect sweetness. No added nuts or fancy plating, humble stainless steel bowls of freshly made piping hot taste of India. We don't get to eat even something nearby in quality in our cities after paying five times the price. 

These heavenly desserts were being prepared from scratch just at one end of the shop where one can actually witness the entire procedure from kneading freshly made khoya, to forming balls of equal size, to frying them in ghee and dipping them in a deep vessel full of sugar syrup. We kept repeating our order till tummies could hold, but none of us were done with its texture and taste. 

 We got ten plates packed. The seller made sure that the Lal Rasgullas ( Gulab Jamuns) were well packed in earthen ware so that the sweet stays dipped in the sugar syrup and it may not spill too. He ensured that it can stay as it is for at least a week if refrigerated owing to summer heat.

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