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A couple that cooks together stays together. Isn’t it a new line? Yeah. I discovered, cooking together was one of our most precious moments as a couple. We both are passionate about cooking. His cooking is spontaneous while I go gradually collecting recipies and ingredients before I start cooking. But both of us crave for that particular taste; be it of food our mothers and grandmothers used to cook or be it from any particular food lane from our hometown. So our sweet moment into culinary world came when we had to cook food for 25 people for Satya Narayan Pooja at our home! After watching so many episodes of mega kitchen stories on a tv channel , we were inspired to cook ourselves. I remember going to Satya Narayan Pooja in my childhood when I was in my hometown Jabalpur. The food used to be simple affair with no onion and garlic. Khatti – meethi kaddu ki sabji was a must accompanied by aloo tamatar ki sabji or baingan ki sabji with poori and kaithe ki chatni. We used to come home with take home prasad most of the time sweet boondi in pink packets. Panjeeri ka prasad with bananas and Panchamrat was distributed just after the pooja . One of my aunts used to make the humble panjeeri and panchamrat with so much perfection. Panjeeri with roasted atta, roasted and crushed makhana, powdered sugar and cardamom powder, Panchamrat with finely chopped dryfruits and coconut.

So after taking bath early in the morning I prepared prasad following my aunts recipe. Initially I was nervous because I had never cooked for so many people. But when my husband joined me in the kitchen, it became all so easy. We worked together cutting, chopping, frying and we enjoyed it, deftly judging and correcting preparations and giving them the perfect touch. The dhaba style aloo-gobhi ki sabji that I thought my husband had spoiled, turned out to become the tastiest dish of the spread.

Each and every preparation was liked by our guests that afternoon and they tagged us as ‘CC- The Cook Couple’! After that ‘This is it’ moment in my food journey I swiftly move towards next step of healthy eating that is KYF. Yes, know your food. KYF is nothing but knowing the value and reason of what you are eating. Appreciate each and every portion served on your plate. Be it humble yellow dal, rice and ghee or kadhi-rice or poori-aloo. Even our home made pickles and murabbas have great health benefits if made with proper fermentation method and consumed in moderate proportions. Similarly carrot-yellow mustard kanji, ragi ambli, sattu are very good as health drinks.

Gluten free diet is a new rage in food industry but we are practicing it since long back. Our vrat ka khana is nothing but gluten free food that consists of millets like buckwheat( kuttu), rajgira (amaranth), samai rice(little millet) or sabudana, and of course fruits , vegetables and milk products. So after trying margaritas and tiramisu, I want to try appam-stew, baati- chokha, khandavi and bisi bele bath.

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